Voce fala portuguese?

Ben and I made it to Curitiba on Sunday (midday).  After a fabulous wedding, and 19 longggg hours of traveling, we were happy to make it to our new city.


Curitiba is a great city!  It is colder than I anticipated, but very nice.  We spent the day on Sunday walking around the city and exploring.  


And today was the first day of work!  I spent the day with my entrepreneur, Tecverde.  The company is great, and the people who work there are even better.  They are young, energetic, and excited about new challenges.  Today was all about information gathering – I spent most of the day learning more about the history of the company and the future vision.  


I was invited to participate in a regular weekly status meeting.  I’m proud to say that after 2 straight hours of Portuguese – my head wasn’t spinning!  I only understood about 30-40% of the conversation, but it was enough to get the gist of things.  


Tomorrow I begin to develop my plans and map out the work that I’ll be doing while here.


And tomorrow we move into our apartment (we’ve been in a hotel since we arrived).  Woohoo!!


Ben says hello too!






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