The adventure continues

Last weekend was filled with touristy adventures and some time spent pretending to be locals.  

We started the weekend at the Mercado Municipal with Noa and Gilad (Noa is the other EY-er working here on the Fellowship).  The market was filled with incredible fruits, vegatables, fish, meat, and snacks.  



Then we hit the local park.


Then we headed to my entrepreneur’s house for a bbq.  At the bbq we got to try some new fruit!  Who knew cashew nuts come from a fruit??  


Sunday we took a train trip down the mountain to Morretes – a small colonial town closer to the coast.  The trip was gorgeous!  Stunning views.  




This week at work has been busy busy busy – I’ve moved from the planning stage or my project to execution.  It has been really great to be part of a small company again – and to be working hands-on with some brilliant entrepreneurs!  Next week I get to present my work to the board of directors who will all be in town for a quarterly board meeting.  

This coming weekend we’re headed to Florianopolis!  It is a beautiful town about 4 hours south of Curitiba.  We’ll be staying in a Pousada – or a small B&B.  More pictures to come!


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