Time has flown by!

Today is my last day working at Tecverde, as part of the CR Fellows program (tomorrow is a holiday here in Brazil).  I can’t believe how fast the 7 weeks have gone!

The experience has been nothing but wonderful and I’m truly grateful to have met everyone here!  

Here are some photos as we say goodbye…




Endeavor CEO Summit in Curitiba

Last night I had the opportunity to attend the CEO (Chief Entrepreneur Officer) Summit in Curitiba.  EY was a major sponsor of the event.  The event brought together over 300 entrepreneurs to discuss topics such as dreaming big, smart cities (innovation and sustainability), education in Brazil, and the market for technology.  It was a great event and an even better opportunity for me to work on my Portuguese 🙂  


The entrepreneur I’m working with (Caio – from Tecverde) participated in one of the panels.


Overall – a really nice event and I’m so happy I was able to participate!